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This dieting is easy-peasy - LaBelle of the Ball
This dieting is easy-peasy
So. The Pros and Cons of this Martini Diet, after 1 1/2 weeks.


1. It is very easy to follow. Eat only the best food, but in smaller portions, and only at mealtimes. Simple.
2. Variety. I've always felt restricted on other diets - you can't eat such-and-such. And with my general fear of trying new food, I'd be stuck with 3 recipes to live on. Half-hearted attempts that made me wish I could be eating ice cream instead. So I would. I can eat anything I want on this diet, and despite my latent fears of new foods, I've even been experimenting.
3. Loving food. Eating the best food makes me appreciate food a whole lot more. Rather than eating to live and feeling guilty for every bite, I enjoy the smells and tastes and all the sensations of buying, preparing and eating food. Anyone smelt the organic strawberries in Waitrose? Do. They're heavenly.
4. No guilt. At all. Because whereas I'm eating chocolate and butter and bread and eggs and cream and all manner of foods I'd run from screaming in the past, I'm only eating a little. It feels like a treat every mealtime.
5. I don't even have to exercise every day. No more daily woes and gym angst. Sometimes I exercise every day if I want to, but I can skip it for 2 days. If I want to eat a small amount of sticky fruit tart with ice cream, I'll make sure I work out that particular day. Again, no guilt. I'm even thinking of new forms of exercise other than walking and aerobics - horse riding, ice skating, salsa classes...
6. This means I enjoy exercise again.
7. All this quality in small quantities means I've suddenly found it easy to stick to 1 glass of red wine a day. All the health benefits and none of the badness.
8. My skin is clearing up.
9. I feel 'brighter'.
And 10. I am thinner than I've ever been since putting weight on after being mad. I've lost weight and toned up and feel so much better about how I look. More so than when I was only eating fruit and veg and exercising 2 hours every day. And that means this diet actually works.


1. Only 1. And it may be stress and exam/job-related rather than dietary anyway. But I'm feeling very tired this past week. Maybe because I'm eating less food.

Right then, I'd really recommend it.
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puzzled_anwen From: puzzled_anwen Date: June 23rd, 2006 11:17 am (UTC) (Link)
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