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LaBelle of the Ball
9 months till I return to something resembling Greater London. And although I'll be at the in-laws' for a while, it'll be worth it. I could have a baby by then.


Anyway, I know a whole host of you will be mightily disappointed that we won't be living in North London, but we don't like it, so there you go. I'm a West London gal....and moving to 020 8..., a non-London postcode and, like, NO TUBE! As I've got older I've wanted different things from where I live. I'm up for riverside walks, big parks, local pubs, leafy quiet roads (occasionally shattered by planes to/from Heathrow), great restaurants, fantastic shops just a walk away (and without the crowds of Central London) and as far away from noisy streets, crime and PEOPLE as possible. All still within 25 minutes of Waterloo and its access to city jobs and Saturday evenings out oop North with you lot.
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Happy birthday to catbo for 12th - sorry I'm late, curses to not having interwebnet access and phones that just don't seem to be working at all.

Thanks to puzzled_anwen (thank you) I have a new diet. It's based on eating all your favourite foods still, like cheese and ice cream and chocolate and stuff, but only eating the best, in smaller portions, at mealtimes only. I thought it would be expensive, but I spent no more on my shopping than I do when I'm buying larger quantities of crud. This might even work, because I'm more motivated, I get to exercise in more interesting ways, I don't deny myself the foods I like the most, and I'm already starting to appreciate good food and take more time over preparing and eating it than before (and the slower I eat the more quickly I become full). My breakfast was blueberries with greek yoghurt and honey, I made my lunch for today (cous cous with courgette, raisins, cherry tomatoes and feta cheese), tonight I look forward to a vegetable stir-fry with a small portion of egg noodles, and a big square of dark chocolate if I've been good.

When I move back to London I'm going to take advantage of the nearest Fencing group (can't wait to prance around with swords again after all these years), latin dance lessons (I'm actually pretty good, it burns a lot of calories and it's sociable), see if I can get to an ice skating rink every now and then, and the local riding stables in Richmond Park for lessons. Hopefully I don't have to pay monthly fees and can 'pay as I go'.
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Should I be worried that I haven't felt the toes in my left foot for a week now?
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Happy birthday fugitivemotel!

Here's a birthday puppy in disguise.

Look at the way its cute little tongue sticks out! Look!!

/exclamation mark overload
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Bless my lovely work colleagues saying I look like a French movie star today. I'm going to have to wear this outfit for the wardytron-a-thon in Regent's Park (softball courts by Gloucester Gate), this Saturday, 2 pm (anyone got a portable radio for football?). Just to remind you.
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I'm having a real head accessories moment this summer. One fabulous hot pink and white headscarf that trails down my back, and another white with black skull and crossbones pattern. A black straw cowboy hat and a natural straw cowboy hat with brown beaded band. And a big clip-on orchid.

I can't decide what to wear on Saturday. It will not involve a hat because I'm staying with the in-laws and it will undoubtedly get eaten by the dog or crushed on the train home after family 'celebrations'.

Cor, I really don't have much in my life between exams. To get ultra-fit, that's my plan for the next few weeks. I'll probably 'forget' to though.
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So it seems London may dare to hit 30 degree during this Saturday's Regent's Park wardytron-a-thon. Wicked! I love hot weather me. What I don't love is being too fat to fit into my summer clothes. After everything this week is throwing at me (rotten exams, fatness, unfitness, £50 to eat and drink for 3 weeks) I need to get very drunk, even tohugh I'm staying at the in-laws' that night.
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Every 5 years or so there's a stinker of a paper. For the intervening 8 exams, everything is nice and predictable and straightforward. Then someone has the bright idea to ask convoluted and confusing questions that go round in circles on subjects nobody in their right mind would revise. And to fill up an entire paper with them, and have none of the straightforward questions at all.

An exam on 6/6/6. I should've known it would be me.
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I'm not really sure how wise it is to drink a couple of ginger wines at this time on the morning of an exam. But I needed it to calm my nerves. These are the exams to sort the best from the not-so-good, and it's nigh on impossible for them to have reached this stage anyway - not-so-good just doesn't cut it under Law Society rules. Last year 4 in every 10 passed, it's been known to be 3 in every 10. 55%+ is considered a good mark, even though 50% is the pass/fail mark. There is a small margin of error for inability and forgetfulness and freezing-up and hand cramps, which are inevitable.

Worst of all, I think I'm going to be bored and frustrated after the first 45 minutes - angry that I'm wasting a perfectly good afternoon frantically writing essays, getting past the first only to be faced with another 3, about almost all of which I will inevitably be thinking "I can't remember this".

People have exams all the time. I have another 8 years of them if I want to be a human rights lawyer. I have to stop thinking they're the end of the world.
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Bloody miserable. Rar. It'll be over in 27 hours' time. Until October. Too poor. My own fault. And no matter the plethora of reasons and motivations, I can't not drink. Regretting choosing 10 years of study. Frightened of my debt. Need to lose 4-5" from my stomach, which is rapidly mutating into a separate lifeform. Oscar bit me for the first time ever last night - it was dark and I think I woke him when I tried to move him - and we've been weird with each other ever since. Going to stare blankly at revision notes while secretly paying more attention to the telly.
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I have £13 to last me until the 26th June. And £10 will be taken out in cash to see my good friends angelv and moleintheground tonight.

Maybe I should sell my soul. Perhaps on a timeshare basis for maximum income.
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Me: "There's nothing worse than going to Watrose after work."


Me again: "Well there's cancer and death, but third on the list is definitely going to Waitrose after work."


Me yet again: "OK, so there's cancer, death and those delivery companies that only deliver and re-deliver to your home address on a weekday when you're obviously going to be at work, but fourth on the list is definitely going to Waitrose after work."
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I am hungry. I am stressed. I want to go home. I am hungry and stressed and I want to go home. Please.

The top half of my summer wardrobe hasn't arrived yet, my feet aren't pedicured, and yet it's summer tomorrow. I'M NOT READY. You'd think after all this begging for sun, I'd have bothered. But no. Someone tell Artigiano and La Redoute to get their fecking fingers out.
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Tip: DON'T EVER buy Eve Lom's Day Cream. It says it provides hydration. I've never had drier skin, it's greasy and impossible to absorb, and my makeup has slipped everywhere the past couple of days of using it. All for £32. Waste of money.
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After buying my very demure 'Audrey Hepburn' summer wardrobe, and a pair of classic neutral beige-toned ballet flats from French Sole, I knew I wanted something bright for my feet other than my hot pink leather wedges that I could walk fast in this summer, but that goes with the turquoise and green tops. Well what better than yet more hot pink? So I bought this wicked pair, dirt cheap, on ebay.

I've never owned so many pairs of flat shoes in my life (2). Now I must stop buying things.
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Talking of TV's James May, wardytron and I have perfected the art of weekend Top Gear chasing. Via the medium of BBC2, UKTV Gold, UKTV G2, UKTV People and UKTV Horizon, it is possible to spend practically our entire weekend watching it. With wine. And peanuts.
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Since misswilde spoke of odd dreams...

Last night I had a dream I was being pursued around New York by an amorous young Dean Martin.

I made it clear I wasn't interested and instead professed my undying love for James May off Top Gear.

Thing is, James May - I most definitely would. The reasons are much longer and more protracted than I think he's cute and says things like "Permission to say c*ck on television", though they include an affable and incompetent air about him, and the kind of engineering knowledge I actually find fascinating as opposed to boring.

Anyone else have any unexpected crushes/one true loves?
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Australian + beer = terrible and dangerous mix
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Another morning of waking up when the time still started with a '3'. Boo. This better fix itself after the exam.

Also, within 2 days of being paid, I've spent it ALL. I always do this. I am an idiot. Hello ebay seller's account.

Thank you to moleintheground for supplying a fun afternoon of Soho pubbery yesterday. Another belated "happy birthday" to you. And a hello again and a wave to everyone who was there.
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Even after 2 bottles of wine, even after passing out on the sofa, I still don't stay asleep for long. 8 hours is all I want. Just once in a blue moon. Maybe after my exam, but that's still just over a week away. Crap. Why haven't I done any revision for the past 6 days?
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